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Welcome to Casa Dos Rios, a website where you can learn about our experiences with an eco-friendly remodel and installing a large California native plant garden in the Gilroy area of Northern California.

There are also pages about the history of the surrounding area and a resources page for Jean's favorite nurseries and other businesses as well as her favorite websites. You can also see Jean’s photos, including the flora and fauna from Casa Dos Rios and from other select locations around the world.

Western Columbine taken 1/28/08 Red-shouldered hawk taken near Moss Landing 11/28/07 Gray fox pup peeking out from culvert
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Jean has been busy working on the website, with the help of Carol Mattsson, website designer. In addition, she has been weeding around the house and other landscaped gardens as well as removing non-native weeds from the riparian corridor. She is also working to identify species that volunteer around the property to determine the fate of these plants. In the near-term future, Jean is signed up for a propagation class at Cabrillo College in order to begin propagating replacement plants for the landscaped gardens as well as plants to revegitate the upper riparian corridor, where everything but trees had been previously removed. Additionally, Greg and Jean look forward to beginning the work on the Redwood Grove Garden this winter. This will involve pruning a pathway through the redwoods and planting compatible plants within the grove. Lastly, but certainly not least, a Wrentit has been heard twice in the last week from the house. One of Jean’s goals with the native gardens was to provide habitat for additional species of wildlife. Now that some of the chapparal habitat is growing in, there is suitable habitat for the Wrentit and this is the first time it has been heard in the vicinity.

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Jean's a great storyteller and enjoys sharing her stories with others. In her newsletter, the Casa Dos Rios Journal, she writes about gardening, birdwatching, wildlife, remodeling her house, photography, vacations, and more. Have a look.

The newsletter is published on occasion, in HTML format. Jean will add or drop you from her mailing list of upcoming newsletters and events at Casa Dos Rios if you This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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